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Cosmic healing: the philosophy of Frank C. Hauser

Frank C. Hauser is a person without limits. This concerns his residences and his art and scientific activities. But especially regarding his outlook on life and philosophy: you can’t consider them apart from the person and his work.

Birth as resurrection

Hauser doesn’t put limits to our existence. The phenomenon ‘birth’ stands for him for the resurrection out of a totality of energies, as expressed in his artwork ‘Light of Signal’. Hauser regards the environment as “the womb of birth” of the material being.

Biological machines

Hauser doesn’t recognise the natural restrictions of the human body. He considers the body, that was born and dies again, purely as a biological machine. “I don’t attach absolute value to it,” Frank Hauser puts forward. “Someone who has undergone a drastic medical operation, knows this is an experience that changes the vision on the human body radically for the rest of his life.”

Evolution to perfection

Human bodies and other existences are not completed realities for him. The present existences won’t maintain, he postulates. In the long run man will become a mandroid: half human, half robot. A creepy vision on the future? No, man will be better off, Frank Hauser expects. The fysical and mental problems will decrease, harmony feelings will increase. In our present form we experience enormous restrictions, through which we end up in a “spiral of degeneration”.
“We must reach an even higher level of technology, in connection with a more advanced psychical level. That will prevent degeneration and lift us up to a higher standard of living. If we fail, we will revert to former mistakes, still grown worse by the immense technological progress we are confronted with by then. Without mental evolution, destruction will grow merely worse.”

Total picture of energy

Hauser doesn’t believe in restrictions. His mythical themes are those of an artist that considers himself “very religious”. They refer to a “total picture of energy”, which everything comes to development and evolution from. A prehistoric process of unprecedented energies. Hauser’s physical, academic background has no room for blind