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Frank C. Hauser about his work

"Something considered voluptuous by one person, might be seen as a demonstration of tangible beauty by another."

What do you mean with surrealistic-ectoplastic dreamworld?

My theme follows partly from compulsive act; important is reproducing my psychic and mental reality by painting. Difficult for me is: the innumerable possibilities that take place in completely different situations of existence, completely different dimensions.

What do you mean with 'other dimension'?

In the first place it is a matter of space and time. But also: an ectoplastic situation in an environment we don't know at all, of which we only have vague assumptions. A surrealistic, abstract place to be that runs parallel to our world. A corridor to comprehension of immense space and time. Our life on Earth is apparently three-dimensional, we can hardly imagine a fourth dimension. Unless one practises meditation in a far-reaching way, like Tibetan monks, maybe then one can penetrate into more dimensions.

The dimensions penetrate each other?

Creatures of light and planets exist, that are so complex and hard to believe and describe, that it is practically impossible to scientifically approach them. On the other hand possibilities of transport exist, that are so illusory and complex that they outrule our imagination.
So don't expect you can explain plurality of dimensions! With a spectrum of colour and light that we don't even know, and that has other, unknown colour values, absolutely strange and unknown as they are to us.
If you want to call something like that 'heaven', I could imagine. However I think you can't give such places a name. Yet I try to describe those worlds, by painting them.

Value of colour?

Value of colour, yes. In principle the colour of my work is rather amorphous. Things I see in my mind's eye, I perceive them in a kind of diffused light, it seems amorphous because of that. In flowing tints, without becoming screaming tints. In our well-known, three-dimensional world, the spectrum of colour is more vivid, more obvious and dominantly present.

How is colour in proportion to shape?

I don't base my surrounding shapes only on imagination, I just see them like that. I perceive it like that! In my opinion an artist may see insane things and reproduce them. I don't mind people criticizing this. I am an artist after all, so I may do this. Perceiving such forms and colours happens during a kind of coming loose of your  material body. Sometimes I am watching myself while I am painting, you could say.

You mean...

Coming out, yes. Nothing strange for someone who has done extensive research on parapsychological matters, is it?