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Frank C. Hauser – the person

Frank C. Hauser is a person without borders. This concerns his residences, his art and other activities. Hauser lives anywhere and nowhere. Artistic disciplines he puts into practice are - among other things - painting and designing jewellery and cinematographical surroundings.

Hauser had exhibitions all around the world. His art opens a world of symbolism and refers to occult and art historical traditions. He is not a magical realist nor a surrealist, but he calls himself a ‘magical surrealist’. His artwork can be classified as ‘technological surrealism’.

Early in his life Hauser wanted to become an artist. Forced by his parents, he followed a scientific education and the academy of arts at the same time. He graduated in physics and parapsychology. Later on prof.dr. Frank C. Hauser gained benefit from this combination of studies. “Because of this, my work radiates a well-considered, scientific attitude of life,” he explains, “mixed with the fantastic insanity of the artist.”

Ectoplastic forms

In his earliest childhood Frank C. Hauser was faced with spiritual apparitions. He attended seances of his mother, an Austrian aristocrat, secretly. Strange, ectoplastic forms he saw there. Was this real, or fraud of the participants?
His American father lived by that time in the world of science and technology, of aircraft construction and missile engines. Frank became highly interested and made sketches and drawings of it. His interest in technology discharged into designing spaceships for ‘Alien 3’ and ‘War of the Gods’.
The dreamworld of his childhood led Frank from the protection of the elderly house, high up in the mountains, to dimensions with supernatural creatures – from Earth or other planets. These visions, combined with interest in technique, led to his own unique style, his ‘technological surrealism’.


Another part in Hauser’s artistical development was his fascination for the plasticity and beauty of the female body. This resulted in artwork that combines eroticism and surrealism, together with a breath of neo art nouveau. Due to Hauser’s twofold background, his models tend to absolutely anatomical perfection.

Science and fantasy

As a realist Frank C. Hauser is very aware of the perceptible world that surrounds him, but he is convinced by his fantasy that this reality is also imaginary.
His studios breath a magical atmosphere. The visitor imagines himself in an Asian or Egyptian environment. The windows are blinded, light is regulated on drawing tables and easles with innumerable spotlights.
In this way the artist creates his own world, in which he arranges sunrise and sunset by himself – a universal pipe dream, that came to life by the ‘Hauserical’ combination of fantasy and technological precision